June 5, 2013
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Red Corvette
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Company History Continued
Dougs next step was to advertise his product. Todd, Doug's youngest son, was in college studying computer programming and Doug approached him about developing a website to help advertise his product. Doug also employed the help of a local graphics company to develop a flyer for handing out at events and spread the word about his new product.

Now that Doug had a design and working protype of his product (named the Flag Caddie) and a means of advertising, he needed to find someone to produce his Flag Caddies. A fellow club member and good friend, Bruce Mayer, has a machine shop (Jefco Screw Machine Products, Inc.) that makes parts for the airline industry. Doug and Bruce came to an agreement and after Doug attained a business permit and patent/trademark, production of the Flag Caddie started shortly afterwards.

The next question to be asked was if the Flag Caddie would sell. The answer would come at Chevy Vette Fest 2000 in Chicago, Illinois. Before heading to Chicago, Doug called a Corvette parts catalog company for some advise. They told him that if he sold one or two Flag Caddies at the show, he might have a good product that would sell in the catalog. Doug sold forty-seven Flag Caddies that weekend.

When asked what is the most rewarding part of this venture, Doug responded by saying, "It's very rewarding when people from other Corvette clubs come up to my booth at a show and tell me that love the Flag Caddie and they use them at at every event and parade they attend. It fills me with joy and enthusiasm that I, with the help of friends, family, and many others, was able make something that is really useful and others enjoy using too."
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