June 5, 2013
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Red Corvette
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Company History
It all started on May 23, 1998 in Loves Park, Illinois. Doug Schiller, a member of the Northern Illinois Corvette Club and proud owner of 1990 ZR1, was preparing to take part in the Memorial Day parade for the Young at Heart Festival when the club's social director handed Doug two American flags to display on his Corvette. He looked at the two flags and wondered how he could put these flags on this precious Corvette without scatching or damaging it. Looking around at his fellow club members, he saw that many of them were attaching their flags using tape and/or wire. There was no way that Doug was going to put tape or wire on his car, so he decided to do the parade without the flags.

After the parade, he noticed that several people had lost their flags and thought that there has got to be a better way to attach a flag to a Corvette that would not cause any damage and would be able to last. Several weeks later he had the solution. Seeing that everyone took the tops off their Corvettes for parades, why not attach the flags to the roof latch brackets? This is when the fun began.

Two years of looking, measuring, and testing, Doug was now ready to start developing the prototypes. Corey, Doug's oldest son, had access to a lathe and he would make the parts that Doug designed. Their biggest obstacle to overcome was to make as few different products as possible that would be interchangable with as many different years of Corvette as possible in order to keep costs down. Another obstacle included what kind of material would be best to use? So, to prevent from accidental scratching, Doug decided to use 6/60 nylon.

Now that Doug had his product, the next step was to find a flag that would be able to fly at low and high speeds without making a lot of noise and would last a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, he was unable a sutable flag, so he decided to have his flags specially made. More
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