June 5, 2013
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#1 Way for Flag Display

Are you tired of scuffing or scratching your Corvette, Solstice, Sky, or Prowler in an effort to attach flags for parades and road tours? Are you looking for a dependable product that will hold your flags tightly and securely to your vehicle even at speeds that exceed those of a parade?

Here at Flag Caddie, we have the products that you have been looking for--the Flag Caddie!!! The specially designed Flag Caddie was developed with precision and thoroughly tested by a fellow Corvette owner in order to proudly display your flags while enhancing the sleek appearance of your vehicle. The Flag Caddie will allow you to mount your favorite flags to your Corvette, Solstice, Sky and/or Prowler's roof latch brackets in seconds without any damage to your vehicle. more
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